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In the competitive e-commerce arena, innovation in shipping processes proves crucial.
Co-designing and collaboration with merchants become critical to enrich the customer's experience.
To capture the emerging needs of the e-shopper, we explored the Second Hand sector, from a social phenomenon to an established market sector, revealing emerging consumer dynamics by providing insights and trends in the e-commerce experience.
Through a market survey of a sample of 1,200 men and women aged 18-60 who have sold second-hand items or made a return, an increasingly informed and discerning e-seller and e-shopper emerges, demanding a shipping experience in which the keywords are: simplicity, time-saving and green sensibility.
This is where Boxless comes in, Poste Italiane's new service that revolutionizes the shipping experience, with an ongoing focus on sustainability issues.
The e-shopper will no longer have to worry about anything, he will choose the proximity point most convenient to him, Post Office or Rete Punto Poste, and the only thing he will have to do is bring with him the item to sell or return.
We will talk about Boxless together with Valentina Federica Zeni, Logistics & Partnerships Manager at Wallapop, exploring the innovative logistics experience offered by the company to its users. Wallapop, one of the leading second-hand marketplaces, stands out for its commitment to providing increasingly sustainable, practical and convenient logistics solutions for users. The partnership with Poste Italiane allows Wallapop to offer a comprehensive service that goes far beyond simply shipping and delivering a package. Poste Italiane's offering has enabled Wallapop to reduce the environmental impact of logistics operations, while also simplifying the buying and selling process and providing an unprecedented level of convenience and efficiency.
Thanks to the privileged perspective of an innovative player like Wallapop, we will analyze