• Payment & Fintech

    The solutions that facilitate and protect your transactions: Biometrics, Blockchain / Cryptocurrency (bitcoin ...), Payment Kiosk / Payment terminal, Cyber ​​security, Digital Wallet, Online payment, Fintech, M-payment, Secure payment, Contactless payment, Payment card solutions.

  • Technology, Platform & Re-Platform for Commerce

    All the solutions to develop online business: Apps, CMS and web content management, website and e-shop development, hosting solution, technical integration, M-Commerce and Mobile site, Digital Media and Digital Sign, Search engine and Vocal assistant, and -commerce outsourcing, marketplace and e-commerce platform.

  • Marketing, Data & Customer engage

    The best solutions on the market to enhance your marketing strategy and customer relationship: AB Testing / Online Selling Efficiency, Advergames / Online games, CRM, Analytics / Audit / Audience measuring, Viral Buzz & Marketing Conversational commerce, Price comparison engines / Online shopping guide Content Marketing / Brand content, Coupons / Gift vouchers, Data / Effectiveness measurement / Processing / Database, Decision-making software / Cloud / DMP / Data Management, Ergonomics / UX, Study / Marketing research Loyalty, Marketing automation, Mobile Marketing, Predictive marketing / Connected objects / Artificial Intelligence, Programmatic Advertising agency / Adnetworks, Securing data, SEO / SEA, Social Marketing / Community management

  • Consulting, Strategy & Agency

    The analysis and implementation of strategies to achieve the objectives of your business: digital strategy / digital sales & marketing plan / omnichannel strategy / internationalization strategy / customer journey / 360 ° ecommerce analysis / consumer profiling / web interfaces / contents / research market / advertising / web analytics / store management / order fulfillment / billing & invoicing / ecommerce development.

  • Retail Tech / Digital in store

    The latest innovations for the points of sale: digital equipment, digitalization of the points of sale. Mobile applications, Vending Machines, Beacon / NFC / RFID / WIFI / Body Scanner / Augmented reality, Interactive terminals, Checkout & POS terminal / Self-checkout, Digital signage, Touch screens / Touch tables, Labeling / Coding Geolocation / M-Couponing, Geomarketing, Softwares / ERP / Analytics, Smart lighting, Mobile shopping / M-commerce, Dynamical POS advertising, Virtual Reality, Self-scanning, Weighing systems, Data entry systems, Security and sending systems, Interactive terminals, Virtual commerce, Interactive window.

  • Logistics, Supply Chain & Packaging

    All the solutions to optimize logistics and supply chain services: click & collect, robot, Tag manufactures, warehouse / inventory / financial managment, order managment, reverse logistics, express and delivery, logistics & supply chain, multi-channel logistics, cross -border logistics, packaging, storage and drop shipping.