Company Profile

Shopware is a leading e-commerce system and is used by some of Europe’s largest brands, retailers and manufacturers as well as over 100,000 companies in the B2C and B2B sectors. As a forward-thinking open source solution, Shopware gives users the freedom to develop growth potential quickly and easily – with more flexibility and less complexity.

Shopware 6 is based on a completely modernised technical foundation and has been developed from the ground up using a completely new approach, making every conceivable form of e-commerce project feasible. This focus on maximum freedom through automation and networking has allowed Shopware to make the step up from “shop system” to comprehensive “e-commerce system”.


Flexibility Through Sales Channels and “Headless E-Commerce”

Shopware 6 was developed using the API-first approach. In addition classic online shops, mobile applications, marketplaces, social shopping and connection to the stationary POS, Shopware 6 is equipped for all future sales channels, which will only become apparent in the next few years.


Freedom for the Shopware Community

Shopware 6 relies on a completely new core with Symfony and Vue.js to provide a future-proof, resilient, high-performance and flexible foundation. The standard storefront included in the package is based on the “Bootstrap” framework and “Twig” template engine, which offer simple customisation options without the need for Shopware-specific knowledge.


Perfect customer experience through “experience worlds”

Shopware 6 offers many new functions that simplify the sales process. Consequently, practically every content page in every sales channel in the online shop can be individually designed. This opens up boundless options for implementing product detail pages, landing pages, blogs, shop pages, etc.

Retailers should be able to adapt Shopware to their processes, not the other way around. This is why Shopware has created a new “Rule Builder”. The Rule Builder allows the software to map individual business models as the functionality enables retailers in Shopware 6 to define their own rules and conditions on the basis of all available data in the shop. A completely new variant system with perfect user guidance during creation enables retailers to present different product characteristics to their customers even more easily and dynamically.