Company Profile

The rise of new behavioral models, influenced by the growing complexities in the purchasing processes, the quantity of available informations and the digital technologies, transforms retail in a brand-new playground where the purchasing preferences are not consolidated only at the check-out, but in every step of the customer journey, making the common formats, always redefined, anachronistic.

Today, innovating retail’s future means using data, technology and creativity at the disposal of human interaction, digital transformation and brand experience.

Retex SpA has been founded in 2010 by professionals active in both national and international retail practice.

Design skills, an in-depth knowledge of business’ processes of such sector, a wide range of services and technologies are currently contributing to the company’s well-known characteristic: the retail’s innovation, in all its forms.

Social responsibility and sustainability influence every our internal practice and external relationship. Rights, gender equality and inclusiveness are, in our action, the premise for the removal of the very concept of diversity.

Headquartered in Milan, 7 offices in the national territory, 1 office in London and 1 office in Shanghai, a €75 million and €7,5 million EBITDA group is consolidated in 2021, aiming to reach over €100 million by next year.