Retail Tech / Digital in store

Company Profile

Retex is the MarTech company that promotes and accelerates connections between brands and stakeholders, supporting companies in the transition towards a new meaning of Retail. It does this through a design approach based on a blend of innovation, technology, data intelligence & automation, creativity, consulting, marketing, and communication.

Retex offers integrated services and solutions for the Retail industry, spanning various markets including Consumer Retail, Food & Beverage, Fashion & Luxury, Direct-to-Consumer, as well as having extensive experience in the Chinese market and the Healthcare & Pharma industry.

Founded in 2010, with its headquarter in Milan, Retex operates through 12 branches in Italy, Barcelona, London, and Shanghai. It collaborates with nearly 600 professionals from 30 different nations.

Since its inception, Retex has experienced progressive and consistent growth. In 2022, it achieved double-digit revenue growth compared to the previous year, reaching 91 million euros and recording 9.4 million euros in EBITDA. www.retex.com