Company Profile

Our focus is retail, and we have always dedicated all our efforts towards the innovation of the selling point: physical and digital.

Innovation is a strategic area which calls for our services: from communication to omnichannel sale, from augmented reality to the interactive training of staff, to the application management’s business intelligence, to the digitalisation of the selling point to the strategy for entering the Chinese market. In our offer “Road to China” we prevail in competencies and excellence developed on WeChat. To communicate in the right manner to over a billion consumers, it is necessary to combine very carefully brand identity with local culture, and equipping oneself with the right channels: starting from WeChat, through a leading relations officer with the Chinese consumer online, continuing with Weibo, Baidu, Ctrip etc… With our support, every brand wanted to enter or consolidate in the Chinese market can expect the best return on investment. Our experience allows for accurate customer profiling, communication management, cultural mediation, publicity planning, realising a high personalised customer experience, integration with the main company systems, the most evolved and engagement focused services. If correctly managed, the WeChat Official Account and all the initiatives created adhoc on Chinese social media channels, are the best means to reach these objectives. Hence, transforming a simple store window of products and services in an entertaining and engaging place for who seeks a unique shopping experience.