Naiz Fit

Marketing, Data & Customer engage

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Consistency of size scales is not just about size, but with control of the value chain and the entire supply chain. We deeply understand your customers and your collections like no one else to finally give an answer to the usual question:

What is my size?

Generic anthropometric measurements, comparisons with other brands, or size guides are water under the bridge (and you know it). We create ad-hoc solutions for every step of your collection, based on the body information of your customers and your products.

  • Ecommerce: No more doubts or returns, suggest the perfect size from the first moment.
  • Omnichannel Retail: The right size for your customers in all your stores
  • Style and Product: Collections inspired by trends and optimized with consumer insights and data
  • Marketing: Turn consumer feedback into data-driven action with omnichannel mystery shopping
  • Uniforms and uniforms: solutions for offering the right size come to B2B

Sizes matter, for everyone.