Momoka Srl

Logistics, Supply Chain & Packaging

Company Profile

"We are not a traditional 3PL Company, we are our customer's business partners"

Momoka was born in 2019 with only one goal: create and re-define the Logistics Role, increasing its collaborative and pro-active significance, the meeting point between fulfillment and customer. Thanks to our major experience with varied eCommerce, our team is able to intercept needs and find a solution, innovating processes and resources.

Having worked in the digital retail world, means having created, analyzed and changed services oriented to out customer satisfaction. The "Customer First" philosophy is our own soul and guides the partnership we create with our clients.

Indeed, what makes Momoka an innovative logistics company is its pro-active approach.

Traditional and Innovative Logistics meet in a range of services created to support every business: Storage, Picking, Packing, Customer Service, Call Center, Customer Care, Confirmation Calls, Upselling and Cross Selling activities, Analytics and Automations. All of this, supported by an ongoing market changes study in order to offer innovations and highly specialized services.

An example is the COD Management (Cash On Delivery): we are experts because we grab the opportunity offered by the italian market, severely promising for the COD service, creating services that will maximize performances. A logistics company that doesn't care just about shipments, but becomes the brand's partner, innovating services and processes to create and share value.