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Company Profile

Twenty years ago we were the first in Italy, and among the first in the world, to undestand the extraordinary potential of the chat in the management of the relationship with the customers.

Livehelp was born in this way, from the deep and innovative knowledge of technology and from the awareness that technology must always be at the service of people, therefore also of that amazing community of people and ideas that is the Company. Thanks to this conviction took shape LiveHelp, the first, fully Italian, omnichannel suite for the Customer Care.

LiveHelp is successful and creates success for its clients because it owns every line of code, all written in its italian offices and because its cultural heritage allows to offer to each customer the best solutions completely customised for the Customer Care service.

For us, Caring means just that: taking care of the precious dialogue between the Company and its Customers, between peoples; and ensuring that this dialogue is helpful in solving every need quickly, serenely and constructive to offer the best possibie experience.

There is another important dialogue between the smart use of communication technologies and the agents that take care of the customer experience every day.
This is the reason why LiveHelp is also an excellent training centre in Italy for the Omnichannel Customer Experience.