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Company Profile

indigo.ai helps innovative companies evolve their customer experience with Artificial Intelligence, the most advanced language models, and generative AI technologies. The "no-code" platform developed by indigo.ai allows anyone in the company - not just data scientists - to leverage the most powerful deep learning and Conversational AI models to design next-generation virtual assistants (chatbots, voice bots) to increase sales, improve user relations, streamline processes, and gain insights into their customer base. 

Born in 2016 at the Milan Polytechnic from the idea of five young people (Gianluca Maruzzella, Enrico Bertino, Marco Falcone, Andrea Tangredi, and Denis Peroni), today indigo.ai's platform has applications in any industry. It has madation in any sector and has made conversational Artificial Intelligence accessible even to less technical people. Among indigo.ai's clients are Telepass, Bayer, Santander Consumer Bank, Lavazza, Würth Italia, Unobravo, and Spiagge.it.