Human Highway


Company Profile

Human Highway is a research institute with a deep expertise in the analysis of digital services, communication and marketing. The research activity of Human Highway combines the classical approach of the sample research with information provided by customers databases and third party players. The enrichment of soft information (based on surveys) with “hard” and factual data allows Human Highway to deliver accurate and insightful results to its clients.

The main areas of interest covered by the company are (i) the study of effectiveness of multi-media communication campaigns (media sinergy), (ii) the digital evolution of the media industry, (iii) new practices in retail generated by the digital transformation of the demand and the supply side.

Human Highway regularly publishes a set of public research works under the section “Free Report” of its Web site.

Human Highway is a member of Consorzio Netcomm since 2011 and is a member of Assirm, the Italian association of marketing research companies.