Hoopygang srl

Consulting, Strategy & Agency

Company Profile


We are able to tell the story of your brand through a tailor-made creative proposal, we put it in touch with more than 127 thousand Influencers in Italy, which we are able to verify and select thanks to our proprietary technology, and we manage every project phase offering only concrete results.

We offer exclusive proposals because we can count on the creativity of internal talents, who work only with us.

We take care of all stages including administrative ones, taking the burden off the companies of management and related issues. We provide a key product from brief collection, content creation, to delivery.


Influencer Marketing

From the creation to the monitoring of campaigns, Hoopygang realises effective influencer marketing campaigns for companies and brands, combining management skills and creativity and constantly monitoring the results.

Hoopy Talent

Hoopy Talent is an exclusive Hub dedicated to the training and talent management of influencers.  

We select creators with the best potential and accompany them on a personalised support path to make them grow, improve and reach new goals.

Market Research

We have developed internally and selected externally, the best tools to measure the effectiveness of an influencer marketing campaign and to analyse how competitors are doing.