Company Profile

About Fruugo

Fruugo is a highly diversified global online marketplace currently helping over 3,000 online retailers sell products to 7 million shoppers a year in 42 countries, 31 currencies and 28 languages.

Fruugo’s mission is to enable online retailers everywhere to sell to shoppers anywhere. Uniquely, Fruugo reduces the complexities of cross-border trade by offering a fully integrated, localised offer for retailers and shoppers around the world. For shoppers, we offer retailers’ product listings into their local language and offer purchases in their local currency. Meanwhile, retailers achieve sales and receive payment for orders in their local or preferred currency from shoppers in countries they wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.

Fruugo showcases a massive and diverse range of popular brands and products, provided by and fulfilled from retailers all over the world. Fruugo enables retailers to access the expertise and technology required to receive international orders by:

  • Providing an end-to-end e-commerce solution spanning demand generation through to order orchestration and customer service
  • Translating product listings into the local language of the purchaser
  • Automatically converting currencies to enable a sale in any currency with the retailer receiving payment in their local or preferred currency
  • Using sophisticated digital marketing, bidding and advertising strategies across multiple e-commerce shopping channels, search engines, countries and product categories to drive traffic to the retailers’ products
  • Calculating, applying, and collecting international sales tax and VAT and, where applicable, paying to the relevant government body on behalf of the retailer
  • Utilising comprehensive online fraud detection services

Fruugo’s growth is driven by the accelerating global customer shift towards online shopping, a diverse retailer base, extensive product catalogue, and wide geographical reach. In addition, Fruugo’s on-going investment and improvements in its platform are aimed at continually driving higher traffic and sales volumes and improving the overall shopping experience.