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Company Profile

fifty-five helps advertisers leverage their data, from gathering to activation. We help organisations – enterprises, media groups, institutions, etc. – become truly multi-channel entities, perfectly adapted to a digitised economy. Through measurement, analysis, and the systematic activation of data, we help them gain a deeper understanding of their users in order to better match supply with demand, and to improve overall user experience.  

We are convinced that the emergence of a data-driven society holds tremendous opportunities for the future, such as efficiency gains, greater performance accountability, and the acceleration of innovation. Therefore, we guide our clients towards harnessing the data available, both inside and outside of their organisations. Our ambition is to bring data issues, otherwise deemed too technical, to the very heart of marketing and strategy, and beyond the sole sphere of expertise, to allow for the transformation of society as a whole. Our support for the Forum d’Avignon is in line with our goal of promoting the development of a data culture founded on solid, global ethical principles.