Company Profile

Chiron develops data-solutions, i.e. customized solutions based on data and predictive models to give companies the opportunity to remain competitive on the market.

Our Team of experienced data engineers and data scientists combine the best Big Data technologies and machine learning algorithms to help organizations build their business strategy based on data and therefore on objective decisions.Once the customer's purchasing behavior and their propensity towards certain products rather than others are learned, the purpose will be to promote those products, customize and propose them in order to improve loyalty and sales.

In addition, Chiron is able to relaunch products without a market anymore: thanks to careful analysis, it is possible to understand the reason why some types of products are no longer sold; using machine learning techniques, it is possible to identify the changes necessary to verify the relaunchability of the aforementioned products.

The Chiron Team developed "Sirio", a suitable for e-commerce sites and apps devoted mainly to analyze the usability of a site, identify and solve problems in real time. Sirio becomes the personal assistant of your online business, able to answer questions: are there bugs? Where are those bugs? Do customers perceive the product well? Are the product descriptions carefully written? Do customers quit browsing? If yes, why?Sirio, therefore, also verifies the causes of abandonment by the customer, allowing a profilation useful for correcting errors and increasing sales.Having statistics is not enough, you need to know how to read them.

Sirio does it for you!