Company Profile

Alpenite leads innovative companies in their business transformation process through digital tools.

With offices in the main European and world cities (London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Wien, New York, Shanghai), it’s in the Alpenite's DNA the ability to support customers where today’s business is.
Alpenite provides a complete service coverage; from strategic consulting to digital marketing, from outsourcing services to temporary management, from digital communication to the UX/UI design, from digital system integration to cloud infrastructure services.
Alpenite’s know-how is the result of an everyday collaboration with fashion, retail, food, machinery, cosmetics, utilities, luxury, sportswear, and pharma top brands; with more than 100 successful projects adding value to customers, in view to ensuring long-term partnerships.
The digital technologies Alpenite suggests to customers are constantly updated, anticipating the most innovative applications acknowledged by the marketplace.
At the 10 years milestone, Alpenite is aiming for a 20 million turnover with over 300 professionals in Europe and 150 active customers.
What’s in the Alpenite’s DNA? Excitement, freshness, reactivity, credibility: all in a worldwide mindset.G