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Allianz Trade, the world leader in credit insurance, has decided to address the emerging needs of B2B trade through of the launch of its new E-Commerce line of business. This new initiative aims to offer companies B2B Buy now Pay Later solutions with and without advance payments, to help them grow in a secure and flexible way.

With the explosion of E-Commerce, B2B commerce is evolving rapidly, and Allianz Trade wants to provide companies with the right solutions to meet their customer needs and grow their sales volume. This is particularly important at a time when E-Commerce is becoming more and more relevant for companies, and BNPL one of the most widely used solution in B2B as well.

Allianz Trade has developed BNPL advance payment solutions in partnership with Santander Corporate & Investment Banking, one of the leading trade finance banks in the banking sector. Thanks to this partnership, Allianz Trade can offer the first global BNPL solution dedicated to large multinationals. This combination of skills, experience and know-how is an important step towards meeting the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Additionally, Allianz Trade contributed to the launch of PausePay in Italy, a BNPL system that allows buyers to purchase goods or services and defer payment up to 90 days at no additional cost and without the need for a credit card. The seller, on the other hand, immediately receives the sale proceeds net of a service fee. This solution was developed in cooperation with CashInvoice, an innovative Italian fintech that is internationally recognized for its technology and growth potential.

Allianz Trade offers its customers flexible and secure solutions to grow their digital business. The new E-Commerce line of business aims to offer companies maximum security and flexibility in their payments, helping them to manage their cash flows more efficiently and reduce risks. Thanks to these solutions, companies can invest in new projects safely and without worries. This is an important step for Allianz Trade in its mission to support the development of companies by providing them with maximum security and flexibility.