Company Profile

The most advanced business messaging platform for leading brands and retailers 

Alcméon is a powerful French SaaS messaging hub wich will transform your Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat or Apple Business Chat accounts into new service and sales channels ! With its smart automation and hybrid technology, Alcméon allows its clients to reduce processing costs, increase customer satisfaction and to generate additional sales. Based in Station F in Paris, Alcméon is part of various accelerator as Plug and Play or La Maison des Start up LVMH and developped strong partnership with leading the world's tech leading brands Google, Facebook and Apple.

Alcméon has already been chosen by more than 30 international leading brands and retailers as Dior, Carrefour, Orange, Europcar or La Poste.

Customers want interaction with brands to be as easy as messaging friends

With Alcméon’s cloud technology, use Facebook Messenger, Messages for iOS or WhatsApp as a new powerful customer service, messaging marketing or conversational commerce channel.

Reduce your response time from hours to just a few minutes ! 

Always on, no waiting and no stress for the customer, scalable and cheaper for businesses : Messaging is the new obvious frontline channel for customer service. Alcméon allows you to streamline all your public and private social messaging requests and to boost response speed using a seamless combination of automation and human processing.

Set up an incredibly high performance new marketing channel, used intensively by billions of consumers, with a 80%+ open rates and double digit CTRs. With Alcméon use messaging to send customers value added content, invitations, tips, coupons etc.

Divide by 10 the number of steps to buy your products or services ! 

With Alcméon, it’s super easy to create and update a Messenger or Apple Business Chat conversational store, or to drive directly and quickly the consumer to the right screen of your e-commerce website.

Alcméon, the most advanced business messaging platform for leading brands.