Company Profile


About Agicap

Agicap is Europe's reference scale-up in the market for SaaS solutions for corporate treasury management. 

Its mission is to provide businesses with a simple and reliable solution for monitoring cash flows, planning their evolution and forecasting possible shortage periods by centralising the management of supplier invoices and customer receivables.

Founded in 2016 in France, the company has raised over $121 million from international investors, including Blackfin Capital Partners, Partech and Greenoaks, and is expanding rapidly: it now has +500 employees in 5 different European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) and over 7,000 active customers.



The product

Agicap offers an all-in-one solution consisting of three product lines: Agicap Cashflow, Agicap CashCollect and Agicap Payment

The software is based on a data integration technology capable of importing and processing information in real time from all banks and major business tools in Europe. 

Through the platform, the finance department's workflows are fully automated, enabling reliable, accurate and time-saving cash flow management.

Agicap also helps optimise the management of supplier invoices and customer receivables through streamlined payment processes and dunning automation.