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Strategies to ensure SEO and Content quality using AI

2024. The year in which, more than ever, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing every aspect of our professional lives. SEO and content creation are no exception: they are certainly two of the sectors most impacted and on which there is still a lot (too much) to work on.

AI offers unprecedented opportunities to optimize SEO strategies and create content that captures your audience's attention. At the same time, however, what is artificially produced is often banal and extremely generic.

So how do you find the meeting point between originality and artificiality, and how to guarantee qualitative performance by exploiting a generative language model such as ChatGPT or Gemini?

This pitch explores how to exploit AI (particularly our product Lunocode) to create winning SEO and Content strategies without losing "human" quality and without incurring algorithmic penalties in the long term.