Company Profile

Yocabè is the D2C-Direct to Consumer solution for succeeding on marketplaces. We are a team of online sales and e-commerce logistics professionals

Through a single platform, every brand can optimize their presence on all online channels, maintain full price control - thanks to algorithms that intercept the best price between supply and demand - and minimize inventory, creating multilingual and optimized catalogs for each marketplace.

We provide 360° support to our PARTNERS in cross-country multichannel distribution strategy

  • Accelerate your online sales and maximize margins.
  • Enhance your presence abroad.
  • Control your online distribution.
  • Protect your brand.
  • Simplify the management of your brand.

The direct integration of channels with our proprietary technology allows our dedicated team of specialists to ensure a "data-driven" approach to optimizing operational management and maximizing performance.

Designed and developed for the complete management of your growth on marketplaces:


With SmartCatalogue, we take care of creating product sheets, optimized for various marketplaces and in all languages.


Our online stores are consolidated and reviewed by thousands of customers. SmartSyncing allows for perfect synchronization with your systems (CRM, CSM, ERP, WMS, PIM).


Our SmartPricing algorithms calculate the best price at which to win the sale at any given moment, taking into account competitors' prices and protecting your margins.


SmartLogistics algorithms suggest which warehouse to move the goods to based on sales forecasts or marketplace requirements. We offer a widespread network of Collection Points, essential for returns abroad.


We take care of shipping, returns, and complaints in all languages.


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