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We are TradeTracker.com! Our goal is to optimise your online revenue! Whether an advertiser or publisher, nothing is more important to us than helping you achieve maximum online income and results. Through a service oriented approach and proprietary software we are able to offer you the best of the best.Delivering results is what we live for, and that is what you can expect.Now with over 5000 merchants, more than 250,000 publishers and offices in 24 countries, we have built a widely recognised performance powerhouse.Through a single login, you’ll have access to all the markets where you’re seeking to unleash the power of performance.Offering you the most transparent and innovative software in the performance marketing industry, you'll be sure to have all the information and tools to optimise your online revenue streams. Performance marketing is all about action based remuneration of publisher’s involvement, but per market standard the last click earned commission per default. The disparity between activity, value and reward has been left unresolved. Until now... We have created the REAL ATTRIBUTION, the holy grail of affiliate Marketing. In the affiliate channel, attributing commissions to multiple touchpoints creates revolutionary brand exposure opportunities whereas any involved publisher is eligible for commission.

Real Attribution is designed to give advertisers full control in optimising campaigns which rewards all publishers involved in the customer journey. Whether they’re initiating, assisting or converting. Five robust attribution models and a customisable solution give advertisers the power to weigh the elements that count, to multiply the results achieved in more inspired, more attractive campaigns and to reward publishers appropriately.