Technology, Platform & Re-Platform for Commerce

Company Profile

THRON is a leading Software-as-a-Service company specialized in the centralized management, organization, and delivery of digital assets (DAM) and product information (PIM). In a more and more complex digital environment, we work alongside companies as a technological partner to offer the best technologies and solutions for their digitalization processes. 

From the creation and development of digital assets, up to the final delivery on the several channels, THRON guarantees full control and maximum efficiency over the processes and management of all digital asset components, avoiding duplications or inefficiencies. 

THRON PLATFORM is a real throne that, anticipating market trends, allows you to manage marketing and product content in a unique environment: not only images and videos but also documents, product data, translations, tags, and metadata. The delivery on the final channels is managed directly by THRON, eliminating duplications and the risk of data loss, thus preserving the company know-how and brand consistency in all contexts. 

THRON PLATFORM, in addition to the core THRON DAM, provides a native ecosystem of expansions to enhance the platform's functions according to the use cases: 

  • THRON PIM for organizing and publishing the product sheets of the catalog;  
  • THRON Workflow to organize workflows and approval any type of content; 
  • THRON Photo Shooting to manage orders relating to product shots and collaborating with external partners; 
  • THRON Brand Portal to securely share brand content with all stakeholders. 

    Thanks to advanced proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence, the platform helps to prevent repetitive activities, identify anomalies and gather insights, allowing users to control their assets, stored in a secure cloud environment (ISO 27001:2017 and ISO 27018:2014 ) and accessible worldwide with maximum performance

    In the last years, THRON has obtained some international recognition for the value of its product: it has been included by Forrester in the "Vendor Landscape Digital Asset Management" as one of the twenty best DAMs in the world and, since 2018, it appears in the "Martech 5000" report by Scott Brinker, where it was associated with the most effective and cutting-edge technological solutions.