Company Profile

Splio is a Martech company headquartered in Paris and with 4 offices in EMEA.

In 2023, Splio acquired Tinyclues to embed deep learning intelligence into Splio’s CRM and become the leader in AI-powered CRM.

Splio's SaaS platform enables marketers to orchestrate hyper-personalized marketing easily and at scale with AI. The platform consists of 4 main solutions:

  • Activation (Marketing Automation) to activate, automate and personalize campaigns across all channels.
  • Engagement (Loyalty, Mobile Wallet) to engage and retain customers through digital loyalty programs and push notifications from wallet.
  • Unification (Customer Data Platform) to clean and unify online & offline data and obtain a 360° customer view.
  • Individuation® (Individuation Marketing Platform) to automate the arbitrage of the most relevant campaign and the most appropriate channel for each customer every day thanks to AI.

Splio has a customer portfolio of over 500 brands, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large groups, in three main sectors (retail, e-commerce, food service), including: Piazza Italia, QVC, Decathlon, Artcrafts, Babaco Market, Conforama, Capello Point, Yves Rocher, Pittarosso, RStore and Capatoast.