Company Profile

San Marino Mail Italia’s  core business is the delivery of B2C and B2B parcels in Europe. The activity is based on an innovative business model, which does not involve the use of own drivers or proprietary warehouses, designed to meet the modern delivery distribution needs to consumers and retails. Delivery to the recipient is entrusted to the most competent and most widespread distributors in each country and in each market. The maximum efficiency for the customer is ensured by a powerful internal IT department, which develops and uses logistics 4.0, and by a proactive customer service that aims to search in advance and solve any delivery criticality. Thanks to the experience gained over the years, a deep knowledge of international regulations, the continuous search for innovative distribution systems, San Marino Mail Italia is able to select among more than twenty distributors the best that suites to the specific needs of each customer. The customer experience is then enhanced with delivery preferences more akin to the culture and habits of the target customers. The transports are managed and followed through a unique IT system, developed by the company itself, which allows the remote processing of the barcodes of all the distributors used, the timely reception of their tracking data, timely Br@nded Notification based on the status change of each single shipment.