San Marino Mail Italia

Company Profile

San Marino Mail was born from a new business idea in 2002 in the field of B2B and B2C shipping and delivery throughout Europe and the smart management of multi-courier.

Over time the project has grown, adding two new services: the IT infrastructure and the logistics facility.

The business model and the experience in the world of distribution have allowed the company to understand the needs of customers by activating a corporate structure focused on their continuous support.

The three different services offer a 360° logistic-distribution flow management system, thanks to a synergic, flexible and solid structure.

The collaboration with more than twenty distribution partners helps to create a network able to efficiently manage shipments throughout Europe, guaranteeing customer penetration in the territory. According to market research conducted internally, the management of shipments for companies that do not operate in this sector is the main concern. San Marino Mail, for this reason, has decided to invest in the in-house development of an innovative algorithm, which allows customers to identify the most performing distributor, based on specific geographical areas of destination, filtering a series of parameters so that their shipments are as efficient and flexible as possible.

Over the last few years, we have invested our resources in creating a dashboard that allows to visualize on interactive maps the performance of couriers and the penetration of orders in the territory. Data is comparable thanks to filters that extend or reduce the time span of analysis, highlighting critical issues. In addition, the display of histograms and pie charts facilitates statistical analysis, representing the most significant KPIs.

Finally, our IT system allows for integration with leading eCommerce and marketplace platforms and the customization of tracking pages and branded emails.

With the advent of Covid-19, the company needed to be able to directly manage warehouse logistics in order to create opportunities for customers, with the desire to guarantee the highest levels of flexibility and customization. 

Therefore, an investment was made to rent a logistic facility located in Segrate, in Lombardy, a fundamental point of connection with the main freeway and airport junctions towards Europe.

This way, we can manage and modulate the logistics of different categories of goods coming from eCommerce sales channels (and not only), guaranteeing the internationalization of our customers' products.

In addition to being monitored 24/7 by surveillance cameras, the warehouse has three areas dedicated respectively to the stock of products and pick & pack, the stock related to the management of excise practices and the stock of pallets.

The goal is to make your customers happy.