Salco srl

Logistics, Supply Chain & Packaging

Company Profile

Salco designs and produces in Italy customized packaging solutions, specially designed for e-commerce deliveries in different industries, suitable for every need of protection, user-friendliness, communication and brand image.

Thanks to smart solutions for box close and repacking, shipping and return operations are facilitated. The choice to use recycled raw materials, with low weight and high performance, and the complete end-of-life recyclability of the packaging, enhance its  sustainability characteristics.

Customizations can be done with internal, external or double printing, based on brown, white or full color cardboard.

Salco has been present for over 50 years in the corrugated cardboard packaging and paper industry, based in Nord-Est Italy. It designs and manufactures customized packaging solutions, displays, corrugated cardboard accessories for production and distribution companies in different industries, with a particular focus on customer service.