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Company Profile

Qapla' is the Software that simplifies eCommerce shipments management and unlocks delivery communications marketing potential.

It provides an all-in-one platform that includes features such as labels' creation and printing, +170 couriers' tracking, customization of emails and SMS about delivery. It supports all the main CMS and marketplaces.

Your customers receive accurate and automatic tracking information, along with your offers, banners, suggested products and so on. If you manage an eCommerce.

Qapla' is the tool for you to control all your shipments on an all-in-one dashboard, from every CMS, marketplace, and website and with every courier you have a contract with (national or international). Your real-time tracking information will be safe and notified on time, as fast as light!

Here's why eCommerce love Qapla':

+70% open rate of emails about delivery

+15% website visits from tracking notifications 

+7% revenue from Qapla' marketing features

+54% time saved by your Customer Care



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