Pax Italia Srl

Payment & Fintech

Company Profile

PAX Italia is the Italian subsidiary of PAX Global Technology Ltd, listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2010 and present in over 120 countries.

PAX Global Technology is a leading multinational company in the worldwide design of SmartPOS with over 79 million units installed. The product portfolio, compliant with the latest PCI and EMV standards, includes traditional models and the world's widest range of payment terminals based on the Android operating system. The offer includes SmartPOS, advanced tills, SmartECR, with integrated payment terminal, and Smart Unattended.

PAX's mission is to help businesses connect with customers by offering the best technologies and making electronic payments smarter and safer.

In order to make the payment experience increasingly fluid and encouraging the development of the acquirer-merchant-cardholder relationship, PAX has chosen the Android operating system to set up the acceptance network for the future. The payment systems based on this versatile platform allow, in fact, the convergence of different service models provided through specific mobile Apps, optimizing the User Experience and guaranteeing the security of payments.


Thanks to the continuous investments in Research and Development, PAX has become the most innovative global player in recent years, gaining market share following the creation of cutting-edge solutions. This offer includes MAXSTORE, the most complete and widespread Marketplace in the world which, to date, connects one million terminals and offers, among its functions, the possibility of remote assistance. It is a powerful tool to improve and simplify merchant support, significantly reducing operating expenses but not only. The decrease in on-site interventions, due to better remote diagnostics via AirViewer and the availability of a service for digitizing and sending the receipt via email/sms are just some of the elements that today contribute to improving the life cycle management of the terminals . Elements that reduce the environmental impact by reflecting PAX's commitment to the development of innovative sustainable solutions.

PAX Italia, founded in 2013, is made up of professionals with decades of experience in the electronic payments sector. The synergy of their diversified skills has led to the development of increasingly innovative solutions, first by positioning a new generation of multi-connectivity legacy terminals and subsequently by investing in the creation of SmartPOS solutions that are just as reliable but more flexible than the previous ones. The continuous commitment to research and development has thus contributed to the growth and corporate success of PAX Italia, today a reference company in Italy for the supply of legacy and Android payment terminals.

The customer's needs are at the center of the business processes of PAX Italia which, in addition to developing its own solutions in-house, offers a wide range of after-sales services: repairs, Local/Remote Key Injection, operational rental, assistance services technical and maintenance throughout Italy.

PAX Italia makes its expertise available to its customers with the aim of promptly responding to their requests and accompanying them in the process of continuous change that is influencing the digital payments market.