Company Profile

Established in Italy in 1998 as TNT Post, Nexive is the first private operator in postal delivery in Italy. Its competitive advantages are the ability to innovate and a business model which provides a multichannel offer thanks to a full integration of all stages of production and distribution of mail and parcels.
For the customers, this translates into a better control of the correspondence and the delivery thanks to tracking always available online, certainty of delivery, compliance with laws. More than 30.000 operators, including banks, insurance companies, utilities, along with many e-commerce companies choose Nexive.
In 2019 – with it’s 2.000 points on the territory amongst direct and indirect branches and retail points; over 8,000 employees and 2.000 vehicles to guarantee maximum territorial cover – Nexive has over 350 million of envelopes handled every year and approximately 8.5 million of parcels delivered.

Postal delivery services

Nexive is the first private operator in Italy in postal delivery thanks to a distinctive technology capable of certifying delivery with a satellite system and to guarantee the traceability of mail anywhere and anytime.

Parcel delivery services

The delivery of goods purchased online is crucial. Speed, precision and convenience are needed not only to sellers but also to buyers, because consumers evaluate the seller also based on the quality of delivery. Therefore Nexive, as an e-commerce specialist, has designed efficient parcel delivery systems suitable for different needs, which contribute to improving and strengthening the relationship between sender and recipient every day.

Print and digital services

Nexive provides digital formulas for companies of all sizes: intuitive services with high added value.  Nexive can outsource the entire document printing process, from setting up the layout to managing the master data up to the entire reporting process and can fulfill customer’s need to create, send and archive documents online.