Payment & Fintech

Company Profile

N&TS GROUP has been operating in the electronic payments market for over 25 years as a private and independent company.

It is recognized as a leading European company in electronic payment software solutions, with a strong commitment to security and strict compliance with industry standards. N&TS GROUP offers "innovative", "modular", "flexible" and "time to market" solutions that integrate into the "payments ecosystem” seamlessly, contributing to its evolution thanks to a technology that knows how to advance and respond to the needs of different markets: Finance, Cruises, Media, Oil, Retail, TelCo, Transport, and Utilities.

The challenge and the value lie in offering companies a solution that makes them digital and smart, thanks to a management that, in total safety, guarantees a simple and captivating user experience for the end user. The digital transformation of electronic payments is not just a technology, but a new way of being and thinking that changes the relationship models between companies and their customers, becoming a resource for creating value through loyalty that also passes through ePayment services.

N&TS GROUP, Italian excellence with an international scope, is the reference partner of the most important financial institutions and enterprise companies for everything related to the digitization of payments, creating innovation, and making constant investments to offer the market tools that allow it to conquer and maintain high levels of competitive advantage.

N&TS GROUP has obtained and maintains the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 27001 - ISO 27017 e 27018 
  • ISO 22301
  • PCI 3DS Core
  • P2PE certification (1st in the world)
  • ACN CSP qualification

As part of the certifications obtained, all the requirements relating to privacy and GDPR are met and covered.

N&TS GROUP is located in Milan, Rome, Turin and Cagliari.