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Company Profile

MyBank is an online banking e-payment (OBeP) solution which enables people, businesses and Public Authorities to make payments and collect money via the web using home banking or mobile banking without sharing sensitive data with third parties.

The solution is based on SEPA payment instruments and has already been chooses by businesses like Trenitalia, Eni, Acea, Mercedes, Veratour, Esprinet, Zucchetti and Lottomatica to receive payments via MyBank, in B2B or B2C. With over 250 participants’ banks and PSP, and more than €10 billions transacted in the last year, MyBank is a pan-European solution that simplifies the collection processes with maximum transparency for all parties involved.

MyBank provides the certainty of collection and facilitates 100% automatic reconciliation between payment and order. The merchant receives the real-time confirmation of the irrevocable payment, which allows an immediate shipping of the service/products bought offering to customers a safe and fast solution without limit of amount.

How to pay with MyBank? After selecting MyBank on the checkout page of the site on which the payment operation is being made, the customer chooses his/her bank and is automatically redirected to their internet banking to which he/she have access by entering his/her usual credentials. To complete the payment operation, it will be sufficient to authorize the pre-filled transfer. Both debtor and creditor will receive the real time confirmation of the payment execution.

Would you like to add MyBank to your payment methods too? Meet us at booth P8 (1st floor)  www.mybank.eu

MyBank is owned and managed by PRETA S.A.S.,  a fully owned subsidiary of EBA CLEARING, the provider of pan-European payment infrastructure solutions.