Company Profile

With 20 years’ experience in e-commerce, digital marketing and consumer analysis, Kelkoo Group is the leading European digital marketing platform. Operating in 26 countries worldwide, we use purchase intent data and algorithm-driven technology to place our merchants’ products on a network that reaches millions of consumers.


With various price comparison sites, including Kelkoo and LeGuide.com, Kelkoo Group offers a network of 2700 premium Publishers, including well-known brands Yahoo, Bing, Youtube and Criteo. Moreover, our certified Google Shopping Ads solution allows us to display our customers' products on additional ad spaces. Merchants can either opt for full-campaign control with our “Shopping Ads” solution, or choose our in-house product via our teams; “Managed Ads” solution. Both solutions offer merchants the opportunity to have an advantage during the Google Shopping Ads auctions. Kelkoo ensures that 100% of your bid enters into the auction, unlike Google Shopping which applies a margin on any campaign placed by an advertiser. By partnering with Kelkoo Group, e-merchants benefit from the same quality of traffic and the same access to Google platforms as with Google Shopping, but benefit from a significant saving on their campaign.


We provide campaign optimisation algorithms for our customers, keeping their goals in mind while providing a 360° view on all traffic sources. Our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, combined with our unique datasets, enable us to enrich their campaigns and deliver high-quality predictions. Our long term customers make better choices thanks to our solutions. Our sizeable team of seasoned specialists spans across key aspects of software and machine learning development, from frontend developers to statisticians. We have an agile and practical approach to data science compared to our competitors, mixing data science theorists with machine learning engineers to develop, deploy and scale highly distributed production-grade applications.


Today, our 12,000 e-merchants are our trusted partners, thanks to the quality and performance of our services.