Company Profile

We are the leading platform where innovation, entrepreneurship and education coexist and create contamination: using a digital approach, we support the creation of new business models and the transformation and education of young people and companies. Founded in January 2005, we were the first in the world to adopt a model that combined investments, business consulting and digitally-driven educational programmes in one place.

H-FARM employs over 600 people working in five locations across Italy and is considered a unique workplace. Since November 13, 2015, H-FARM has been listed on the AIM section of the Italian stock exchange and is open to public contracting.

The H in our name stands for HUMAN, which underlines the emphasis we place on the individual and on the need for digital initiatives that focus on people through the simplification of the user experience. We believe that new technologies should not be ends to themselves but, instead, be designed around current and future needs of humans.

The business model of H-FARM is composed of two macro areas, Innovation and Education, which encompass a wide range of services for both companies and students, in addition to the activities of scouting and investment in startups.