Company Profile

Gsped and Ricalcola are the perfect bundle for managing your shipments.

We work for making the management of shipments always better.

The main features:

  • Importing orders

    The orders' details are imported automatically with a connector that communicates via API with all the e-commerce sites and marketplaces.
  • Printing labels

    When the shipment is created, a ready-to-print label is returned - in the final format of the couriers.
  • Single interface

    A proprietary algorithm processes the shipments' stata and warns you in case of problems. Customers may receive emails for any shipment update (status) (departed, delivered, undeliverable, etc).
  • Cost control

    You can create the shipment with the cheapest courier based on your price lists.
  • Financial management

    The control of COD remittances is simple and punctual


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Invoice control:

  • Check the applied rates - with reference to the couriers' price lists - by uploading the couriers' invoices
  • Have an estimation of shipping costs, through an API call - showing you rates and transit times for each service, according to pre-set couriers
  • Know what to charge to your customers, according on active price lists - with reference to the couriers' charged weights and volumes 
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