GLS Italy

Logistics, Supply Chain & Packaging

Company Profile

The GLS Group is one of the largest shipping service providers in Europe, with a strong local presence in almost every country on the continent. It also operates through wholly-owned subsidiaries in Canada and on the West Coast of the United States. Thanks to its network, GLS unites its customers and communities, delivering millions of packages and stories every day. GLS manages its network proactively, connecting its markets in a flexible and agile manner to respond to their dynamic and rapidly changing nature. The company prides itself on providing its customers in some 40 countries with a high quality service that best suits their needs. GLS has over 120 Sorting Centres and more than 1,600 Depots, supported by around 36,000 last-mile and 6.200 long-distance vehicles. All this translates into flexibility, capillarity and an extended reach.

In Italy, GLS has more than 160 Depots and 13 Sorting Centres, distributed throughout the country. Moreover, thanks to its network of over 7,000 Parcel Shops, it ships with delivery times within 24 hours to most of the peninsula.

For the e-commerce world and the B2C market, GLS offers a range of specific services. To meet the needs of private individuals, the FlexDeliveryService has been further implemented, which guarantees even more flexible deliveries abroad, with up to six customisation options to meet customer requirements. One of the latest innovations is the ShopDeliveryService, which allows customers to choose their preferred Parcel Shop directly from the e-commerce website checkout, while the national and international ReturnService streamlines and simplifies the return management process.

GLS has also launched Sell&Send 2.0, an evolution of the management platform that optimises the flow of shipments from e-commerce or from the main marketplaces, channelling all orders received onto a single tool from which to generate and monitor shipments and offering interesting additional functions.