Fanplayr Europe Srl


Company Profile

Founded in 2011 in Palo Alto, California, Fanplayr has secured more than $ 8 million in funding. The senior management team is made of successful serial entrepreneurs with a variety of technology IPOs behind them.

Today it has 30 employees worldwide and a fast growing sales network in Europe, North America, Latin America and APAC. Fanplayr's mission is to make the behavioral data of online users actionable in an effective and measurable way.

Fanplayr is a leader in real-time segmentation solutions and helps its customers personalize their relationships with their users by making each session unique. Fanplayr improves the conversion rate of its customers' sites by improving the performance of all traffic sources, both paid and organic, both in managed and in self-service mode.

Fanplayr is the ideal tool for media agencies and direct customers in the travel, telecommunications, automotive, fashion, retail, finance, insurance, energy utility and electronic retail sectors