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Company Profile

Esendex is a multi-channel mobile communication service provider that helps businesses communicate with their customers. SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Landing Page, Chat, Chatbot, and customized solutions for digital communication and mobile payments are among the services available.

Esendex has obtained ISO27001 certification, which certifies the level of security for information management, and is also AGCOM accredited. Esendex is also the first Italian provider with direct SS7 connections to all operators.

Esendex was founded in 2001 in Nottingham, United Kingdom, as a professional SMS service. It quickly becomes a well-known brand in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, and Australia, providing high-quality business solutions. Since 2021 the brand has been operating in Italy, a market where there have always been furniture companies that have joined forces with Esendex to create a player that can offer even more performing and innovative business communication solutions.