Marketing, Data & Customer engage

Company Profile

Connectif.ai allows you to create hyper-personalized shopping experiences by combining your users' First Party Data with Artificial Intelligence in real-time in an omni-channel perspective.

The main advantages of Connectif.ai are:

  • Quick installation on major e-commerce platforms
  • Fingerprint tracking on all channels (web, email, sms, push)
  • Tracking the behavior and conversions of anonymous users
  • Dynamic audience segmentation based on A.I.
  • Code-free customization of the entire Customer Journey
  • Comprehensive workflow management for real-time actions across all channels
  • Automated data analysis and reporting to identify behavioral trends
  • Scalable costs for e-commerce of all sizes

With Connectif.ai we are present in more than 15 countries and improve the performance of more than 1800 customers, including GAP, Levi's, IKEA and Kave Home.