Company Profile



Part of Fabrick’s FinTech ecosystem, Axerve is the first Payments Hub in Italy.


It designs and proposes solutions to meet and anticipate every need in the area of payment acceptance, in all physical and digital channels and, most importantly, it enables merchants to grasp all of the opportunities that innovative payment systems offer in terms of value-added services and strengthening final customer relations.

A client base of over 100 thousand active customers makes Axerve the partner for business development. Each day, it helps large corporations, retail chains and small merchants to identify all of the opportunities that innovative payment systems create in terms of strengthening relations with the final customer. It provides support, domestically and abroad, and, in each individual market, integrates value-added services to offer a customised user experience.

An in-depth understanding of the market, combined with innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions, enable Axerve to guide customers in understanding, anticipating and tackling their needs. Axerve has been able to develop an ecosystem of payment solutions that can be applied to different markets, allowing customers to reach a high level of customisation.

Axerve offers solutions to simplify payment acceptance with the objective of creating all possible conditions to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates and, instead, increase selling opportunities. To make the end user’s experience personalised and satisfying, Axerve develops omni-channel cross-selling dynamics.

The offer consists of a single platform to accept all types of payment, from all channels, clearly, simply and securely, through physical and digital gateways, such as POS, e-commerce solutions, cash-in machines and innovative omni-channel applications.