Company Profile

Know your Customer, Enjoy the Experience

Adabra is the Omnichannel Marketing Automation platform that allows you to create unique and personalized experiences for each user, coordinating and adapting marketing activities on all physical and digital channels.

Adabra personalizes in real time your website, your app as well as all the direct engagement channels such as: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Email, Sms, Web Push Notification.

Adabra provides all the features necessary to customize the Omnichannel Customer Journey of users. It offers a sophisticated Campaign Manager and a centralized user management system according to the CDP (Customer Data Platform) model, treating both anonymous and known users.

Adabra in summary:
Product & Content Recommendation, Smart Form & Survey, Pop Up, Campaign Manager, CDP, Experience Manager.
Personalization of Email, Sms, Web Push Notification, Facebook Instagram, Google Ads

Reference:  Arcaplanet, Eataly,Imetec, Mondo Convenienza, Agrieuro, Bialetti, Holyart, Evergreen, Carrefour, Edizioni San Paolo, Bindi, Chiara Boni, Vitamine Center, Named sport, Scalia Group, Bellissima, Farmaè, Moto GP, Saninforma, Acqua di Parma, Pensare Casa, Nunalie, Camicissima, Nomination, Hoepli.