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Generative AI: A Powerful Injection of Efficiency and Cost Savings, Revolutionizing Business Innovation, and Regenerating Customer Relationships!

In a continuously evolving context such as Retail, Generative AI plays a pivotal role, positioning itself as a driving force capable of radically revolutionizing the approach to content creation, from detailed text processing to tailor-made image and audio generation. However, many of the solutions currently available in the market lack fundamental functionalities, such as integration with major business systems, and have limited ability to ensure a high level of customization.

Our workshop will focus on exploring the potential of Generative AI in the Retail industry, with an in-depth look at concrete application cases. Contents.com, a leader in content orchestration with Generative AI, offers a SaaS platform that enables companies to generate personalized content on a large scale, reducing operational costs by 70% and the error rate of executive processes by 26%.
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