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E-commerce Makeover: Boost Traffic and Revenue with SEO and AI - The Eurobrico Case Study

Redesigning a website, both visually and structurally, is a complex and delicate endeavor. What might seem like a routine update can lead to significant losses in traffic and revenue if not properly managed by a seasoned SEO professional. In the worst case, it could even result in the site's complete disappearance from search results.

This is why it's crucial that SEO never takes a back seat: the specialist must be involved from the earliest stages of the decision-making process. This ensures they can assist the client and other experts involved in the project (UX, UI, and developers) in creating a site that not only meets the search engine guidelines but also balances the need for a fresh image with the functionality of a high-performing platform. How is this achieved?

Monica Brignoli, Senior SEO Specialist, will detail the steps to follow, showcasing the SEO and AI methodology implemented by Fattoretto Agency on its clients during migrations. Alongside Katia Ropelato, Marketing Manager of Eurobrico, she will discuss the remarkable outcomes achieved in less than three years—over 100,000 keywords ranked—highlighting the critical synergy between the two companies.