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Is omnichannel really sufficient? Customer experience between digital and physical environments.

In a challenging global economic environment, the retailing sector is becoming even more competitive and customers more sophisticated in the way they research, assess and select products. Skeptical buyers demand sophisticated digital engagement and 24/7 access to customer-centric distribution channels designed to respond to their evolving and diverse needs. 

Consequently, companies must invest in new ways to incrementally blur the thin lines which divide physical and digital environments and touch points while dealing with the pressing need to coordinate the various channels flows (i.e. physical, economic and information/data). 

The omnichannel strategy is often considered a sustainable configuration to meet evolving customers’ demands but more integrated and engaging strategies might be necessary going forward to sustain customer’s interest. 

This session will explore future potential evolutions of the omnichannel model and assess key success factors that organizations must consider when designing compelling customer journeys.