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Omnichannel Initiatives to Accelerate Post-Covid Recovery

The loss of physical channels for two months has caused severe economic impact on the Italian retail sector. Retail will need to adopt creative means to recover sales lost in the physical channel, which will remain impaired due to restrictions and changes in purchasing behaviour in the near term.

In this workshop we will discuss the change of focus that retail must undergo to accelerate innovation and face continued difficulties after the end of the COVID-19 lockdown. We will analyze how omnichannel sales and social selling techniques (leveraging salespeople to push online sales) can be leveraged by retailers to accelerate sales. To conclude we drill down on a large fashion retailer and the successful initiatives taken to handle the crisis.

This workshop will be interesting for sales directors, e-commerce managers, leaders in retail organizations and people in general interested in e-commerce, omnichannel, digital transformation and COVID-19 response tactics.