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AI Powered Contact Center Solution

Zaion is the European expert in augmented customer relationship solutions. Thanks to a unique and innovative Callbot technique, Zaion places the voice at the heart of rich and emotional exchanges. Thanks to AI, we analyze and answer everyone's needs.

Zaion callbots automate high volume conversations and help human agents on a daily basis.

Zaion revolutionizes customer experience with voice and artificial intelligence.

More than 30 major customers Europe.

April, Carrefour banque et assurance, Europ Assistance, Eurexo, Generali, La France Mutualiste, Pro BTP, Groupama, Butagaz, Eau de Paris, le Crous, BNP Parisbas Cardif. 



  • Callbot: Speech conversational robot able to handle a conversation in natural language by phone.
  • Chatbot: Conversational robot able to handle a written conversation in natural language.
  • Augmented agent: Real-time conversation analysis solution capable of providing help and documentary search to the human agent.
  • Conversational Platform:

- Multichannnel: callbots and chatbots,
- Botcenter: real-time management and supervision interface with Dataviz, analysis, conversation flow and performance.
- Steering tool which revolutionalizes analysis and management of conversations in real time.
- Multilingual: french, english, german, Czech, flemish
- Saas Mode.

  • Emotional AI: Voice signal analysis aiming at detecting tone, emotions, gender.


Key benefits:

1. Improves customer experience: enlarged opening times 24h/24 7j/7, immediate and trustworthy answers, innovative customized services, multilingual.

2. Adds value to human capital: call center agents concentrate on processing higher added value tasks, the agent has more availability for customer interaction, an augmented agent is able to master a wider range of tasks.

3. Enables reduction in operational costs: through automation of calls. Reduction in agent's average call duration.  

4. Accelerates digital transformation:  phone channel digitalization in order to feed digital applications and RPA, multi-channel management customer interactions, connection with IT and databases.