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Salina Ferretti

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Salina Ferretti was born in the UK in 1967 where she attended primary school and middle school. In 1993 she graduated from Bocconi University in Milan with a degree in Economics and Business Management and started working the same year in Frankfurt as Management Controller for Merloni Hausgeräte GmbH, a leading European producer of domestic appliances. In 1995 Ms Ferretti joined the Falc Group as Sales Manager with a focus on European markets. From 2004 to 2006 she transferred to Beijing laying the cornerstones for a distribution network in China where the company opened over 80 corners in all the most important cities and malls of the country. In 2006 Ms Ferretti returned to the headquarters in Italy and was nominated General Manager, a role which she covered till June 2019 when she became CEO of the company. She’s also Vice President of Assocalzaturifici (Italian Footwear Association).