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Viva Wallet 

The Future of Payments. Now. 


Viva Wallet is a leading European -entirely cloud-based- neobank, with presence in 24 markets across the continent. Our mission is to change the way businesses pay and get paid, harnessing the power of our cutting-edge in-house technologies. We deliver advanced end-to-end digital payments solutions -featuring over 30 payment methods - and embedded banking services to businesses of all sizes.  

At Viva Wallet innovation is a state of mind. With over 20 years dedicated to research & development, we have pioneered the “art” of frictionless payments technology.

We were the first to launch an end-to-end tap-on-phone solution in Europe, aiming at making payments almost invisible, while never losing a sale! The Tap-on-Phone Viva Terminal App turns any Android device into a card terminal -no legacy-hardware, no contracts, and no monthly charges. Integration is seamless, instantly active and ready to accept payments, even with poor or no network connection. Our customers are able to reduce acceptance fees to 0%; while enjoying next-day settlement in local IBAN business accounts.  

Aiming to offer a holistic payment experience across all transaction touchpoints, we also introduced Smart Checkout; an easy-to-integrate, self-updated and fully customizable payment gateway that can increase conversion rate by 21%

Additionally, our Independent Software Vendors (ISV) programme allows partners to integrate our payment technologies into their solutions to the benefit of end customers.  

We wish to enable businesses to focus on optimising performance and customer experience. We are a “one-stop-shop” - the acquirer, the issuer, and the tech vendor. This means cost-efficiency, speed, customisation, agility, optimum customer service. We take pride in eliminating technological constraints through top-notch in-house technologies, making the integration process as accessible and simple as possible for all forward-thinking businesses. 


Looking forward to meeting you at the Netcomm Forum, Stand B4, Floor 0, to explore how we can help your business thrive! 


For more information about us:

Tel: +39 0287369240

email: support@vivawallet.com


Via Lodovico Il Moro, 27

20143 Milano