Company Profile

Taxmen was established in London in 2012 with the clear aim of becoming a one-stop legal and tax service provider for the digital industry. Initially focused on one-stop-shop services for VAT compliance in Europe (distance selling) and for the reporting of environmental contributions on packaging in the EU, Taxmen has subsequently extended its tax services, which now also include customs advisory services, sales tax management (USA /Canada) and other services. Since 2014, the company also provides customised e-commerce legal services. Taxmen has carried out important advisory activities for clients regarding privacy in order to align their business practices with the new European legislation (GDPR).Taxmen’s portfolio includes important fashion brands in Italy/ Europe.Throughout the years, Taxmen has organized many workshops and events with Netcomm, the Italian association of e-commerce businesses. Since 2017, Taxmen has been the selected tax advisor for Ecommerce Europe, the European association of online stores, which represents around 75,000 e-commerce businesses in Brussels.