Pointer Platform

Company Profile

Pointer is an innovative and young start-up, but has all the experience and professionalism of two established companies: INDUSTREE COMMUNICATION HUB, Italian marketing and communication company active for over 30 years in the market, and GUGLIELMO, since 2004 leader in the telecommunications sector and in the design and development of original hardware and software solutions.

Pointer is a customer engagement platform and customer data platform, able to reach users with the right message, in the right place and at the right time, allowing you to verify in real time the effectiveness of each action and reach profiling, engagement and loyalty goals.

Pointer is able to collect data, declarative and behavioural information from users to design increasingly effective personalized communication campaigns through all digital or physical communication channels (email, push notifications, sms etc.).

Leveraging its highly customizable and flexible nature, Pointer is able to meet customer needs through products such as digital couponing, mobile engagement automation and proximity marketing, as well as designing and building customized tools and solutions.