Company Profile

Netsons is an Hosting and Cloud Provider. We take care of Hosting, Domains, Cloud Computing and Dedicated Servers, we host and manage your data with the highest levels of security.


The project was born in 2005 from the idea of Netsons’ CEO, Domenico De Monte, whose aim was to create a free and open web community where users could interact, enjoying the perks of a free service infrastructure.


The goal was to make virtual objects such as web space, emails and databases accessible to everyone. After some years, given the exponential growth of the requests, Netsons decided to launch the first Hosting, Cloud, domains, and server professional services until today's High quality solutions.


Netsons is an ISO certified company (ISO 9001, 14001, 27001) in terms of quality, security and environmental sustainability. Also, we are Green Web Foundation Gold Partner.


Netsons services primarily focus on performance, security and reliability.


Our strength lies in the relationship we build on a daily basis with people.

When it comes to reliability and quality, we are proud to say that our Customer Care is able to provide you with the best support and offer you the most incredible Hosting experience.


Netsons is constantly focused on implementing new technologies and providing the latest tools to host customers’ data and growing ideas and projects on the web.